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Doctor Who Merchandise: http://bit.ly/1c3BAfq
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I’ve realized that you can’t really hack someone’s tumblr like you can on Facebook. On Facebook you can update a status to say, “I like dick in the eyeball,” and everyone would be freaked out. On tumblr, people would be like, “yeah man me too.” Then post a gif from supernatural.


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I found out santa wasnt real because I got a spy kit that christmas so i fingerprinted my mom and matched it to the fingerprints i dusted on the milk mug i left out… Im on that next level shit

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dont be embarrassed about something u enjoy ok 

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  • Austin: *To Ally* Maybe we should move on and see other people
  • Ally: *Moves on*
  • Austin:
  • Austin:
  • Austin:
  • Austin: No wait shit fuck
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Benedict Cumberbatch photographed by Tertius Bune in 2012 (x)
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